FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Aftermarket Performance Group (APG) has acquired JB Autosports, a leader in the Sport Compact performance parts and accessories market who are better known through their two E-commerce sites, and JB Autosports (JBA) excels at bringing Subaru and Toyota Sport Compact parts and accessories directly to their consumers. With APG's acquisition, JBA now has greater access to APG's logistics and wholesale network, while Premier has broader access to direct consumer sales in the Sport Compact Market.

JB Autosports will function alongside RallySport Direct to expand APG's influence in the Sport Compact space, but will still operate with a great deal of autonomy. JBA will be a unique entity with their own priorities, responsibilities, and market practices while keeping their unique voice and expertise. APG will provide logistics, wholesale, distribution, and administrative support so that JBA can focus on operating and growing both and with improved margins and more efficient day-to-day performance.

APG (formerly Premier Interco) and JB Autosports are excited for this new venture and the new opportunities for expansion this acquisition will bring to both entities.